Happy Lagoon Bungalow was founded in 2541 B.E. as a small restaurant and a few numbers of bungalows with thatch roof, located along Nang-Thong Beach. Since then it was named "Happy Lagoon Restaurant" and started as family business which belonged to Sorn-In family (run by Wichai and Duangta Sorn-In in the earlier year). The restaurant became popular among foreign visitors because of the food taste, comfortable atmosphere, sound of nature, evergreen forest and quiet beach. Later it was expanded to a full service restaurant to allow more seats for visitors, now located in Soi Nang-Thong
(present location)

In 2547 B.E. the same year the historical "Tsunami" managed to devastate the entire area in its range including the Happy Lagoon's restaurant and bungalows. The tidal wave left sadness and sorry to not only Sorn-In family but the whole town. Gradually with the hands of two pioneers, the Happy Lagoon's restaurant and bangalows were revived and renamed to the now "Happy Lagoon Bungalow".

Current With 30 affordable rooms and ubiquitous facilities, Happy Lagoon Bungalow now operates two restaurants; Happy Lagoon Restaurant and Happy Steak House. There is a rent out space for local small shops in Nang-Thong street and transport and tour services in neighbourhood area. We take responsibility on serving our valued customers by making our bungalow their ideal home.